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Why Solar King?

Your full-service partner from The Netherlands.

An investment in solar allows you to save on your energy bill. The power your panels produce is also 100% green energy. With offices based in Aruba and The Netherlands, Solar King has different solutions for all your needs.

A great investment

A solar panel system is a great way to save money on your electricity bill and think of the future. And it is now made available for everyone. Because of further developments in the market and our strong relationship with manufacturers, we now proudly deliver our solutions to the Caribbean at the best price ever.

What we deliver

We provide complete installations for hotels, schools and private homes. We are always looking for the best quality products that deliver the best performance. Besides rooftop systems, we provide a unique combination of a carport and solar panels – a perfect way to keep your car cool and cool down your house for free at the same time!

We only work with local and established contractors so we can provide the quality we promise.

Solar King provides:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in solar systems

  • Network of local contractors

  • Best quality and prices for products through our European office

  • Fast delivery

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Leading sustainability solutions.

Focus on larger projects such as schools, hotels, etcetera. Nonetheless interesting for consumer market because of economies of scale.

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